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The Franklin Urethane Repair System is a two part urethane system that enables contractors to repair loose or popping areas in a finished floor. The adhesive in the system has a low viscosity that sets quickly and is fully cured within 30 minutes of application. The easy flow characteristics of the urethane adhesive, contrary to traditional epoxies provide increased coverage of the repair.

The Franklin Urethane Repair System is easy to use with no large holes to drill - a 1/8" drill bit is all that is required. Therefore, upon completion of the process, when used as directed, the floor will be repaired with no visible defects.

Why do Professional Installers Prefer the Franklin Urethane Repair System?

Flows Easy

The thin viscosity of the two part urethane formula allows the adhesive to flow easily. Unlike traditional epoxies, the smooth urethane adhesive streams into the open spots of the floor where popping and hollow spots have occurred preventing buildup under the floor that can lead to future problems.

Smaller and Fewer Holes Drilled

Due to the 1/16" needle and easy flow properties, only a 1/8" diameter drill bit is required for the adhesive to circulate through to occupy the hollow spots in the floor. This minimized the amount of holes needed to be drilled in the wood for repair. The adhesive is able to fill the hollow areas more effectively because it flows out easier than epoxy repair system adhesives.

Excellent Water Resistance

Franklin Urethane Repair System is unaffected by moisture once it is fully cured in approximately 30 minutes. Since it contains no water, it will not cause dimensional changes in the wood flooring.

Cures Flexible with a Superior Bond

As the urethane adhesive flows and fills the hollow spots, it creates a superior bond that is not rigid. The adhesive cures more flexible than epoxies and will not become brittle for the lifetime of the floor.

Sets Quickly

The urethane adhesive begins setting in 12 minutes and is fully cured with 30 minutes of application. This quick setting urethane formula enables immediate repair on your floor. With a quick set-up time and no need to weight the problem area after application, this system gives the professional a fast, easy to use product that outperforms similar systems in all areas.

Contains No Water

The urethane repair system contains no water, eliminating the risk of cupping of the wood around the affected area. When using waterbased repair products, the affected area will cup until the moisture dissipates, causing continued dissatisfaction from the customer.

Easy Clean-up

By using a 1/8" drill bit and drilling the hole at an angle, this helps prevent backflow of the repair adhesive. However, the use of a 2" strip of blue tape to collect the small amount of backflow makes the cleanup an easy process. Just remove the strip of tape with adhesive on it after the repair is done and wipe any excess adhesive from the wood with mineral spirits. Fill the 1/8" hole with a toothpick to stop any continuous backflow and your process is finished.

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