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Did you know that Torcan specializes in Custom Colour Matching? We can custom formulate our stain colours to meet your needs.

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Torwood Repair Solutions

Torcan Coatings has recently released their Torwoods Repair Solutions line of products. Torwood repair solutions are a quick and easy fix to blend in or eliminating minor deficiencies to your hardwood flooring. From stain marker to epoxy putty and from latex filler to oil putty we have the solution whatever the problem.

Torwood Touch Up Marker Now Available!

Excellent for blending in colors. Eliminate scratches and blend in chips and worn edges. Easy flow markers allows for easy use. Available in a wide range of flooring colours. Custom colors also available (minimum quantities only). Torcan Touch Up Markers are excellent for touching up furniture pieces as well as any other wood stained product. Also available are the finish coats, clear Semi Gloss and Satin for your complete project repair.


Torwood Epoxy Putty Now Available!

Ideal for laminate flooring, engineered flooring as well as solid hardwood flooring. Repairs any type of hardwood flooring on the market. Fills in cracks, gouges, scratches, broken edges and much more. Will not shrink. Torwood epoxy putty will accept Torcan stains.


Torcan Latex Filler

Torcan Latex Filler is non-shrinking, water based hardwood filler, which is easily sandable and absorbs stain at the same rate as hardwood. Torcan Latex Filler is designed to fill voids, cracks, nail holes, as well as other imperfections found in the hardwood flooring. Ideal for use when re-sanding or striping parquet or hardwood floors.

Torcan Latex Filler is available in Oak & Maple colours. Custom colour matching is available (a sample must be provided and there is a waiting period for the colour matching to be done).


Franklin Urethane Repair System

The Franklin Urethane Repair system is a two part urethane system that enables contractors to repair loose or popping areas in a finished floor.


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